Arctic Blue Rose Bare Root *NEW RELEASE*

Arctic Blue Rose Bare Root *NEW RELEASE*


Cool and collected, this NEW 2019 release from Weeks Roses has the perfect hint of lavender and cream. With glossy green leaves and citrus fragrance it’s sure to find a happy home in your garden.

Type: Floribunda

Rootstock: Grafted

Color: Lavender

Fragrance: Moderate - fruity

Height: 6-7 feet

Spread: 3 feet

Hybridizer: Christian Bédard

Suitable Zones: 5-11

Grade: 1

This is a bare root rose that will arrive dormant wrapped in plastic with roots, canes and no soil, leaves or flowers. Don't worry - with a twenty four hour drink of water, some tender loving care and planting in your garden it will be a beautiful hardy blooming rose in the Spring. 

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